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Peace of mind extends to all aspects of production with HELIOS. The make to measure products of Helios is the glorious result of a collective endeavor of our seasoned designers, gemologists, production team & quality controller.
Every piece of material is worked into its purest form by master jewelers according to the client's requirements. Our talented designers then thoroughly study the client's expectations to create a design. A mockup prototype is then made to allow several rounds of refinement and alteration. The finalized design is passed to the hands of our skilled diamond assorters.
When final assortment has been decided, diamonds will then be mounted and set with utmost precision into the desired motif. The end-product will go through a thorough quality control process prior to delivery to ensure customer satisfaction.

The sophisticated production process is matched with equally attentive customer services. Each product request is taken care of by our dedicated representatives to ensure professionalism and satisfaction all along. Special requirements will first be listened to; then be accommodated. Committed as well as conscientious, we make timely and satisfactory delivery our constant practice. Because we know a satisfied customer is a loyal customer; and because at Helios, your satisfaction is our expertise!

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